Amazon Facility Sued for Putting Employees at Risk of COVID-19

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

A New York Amazon facility is being sued for putting workers, and their families at risk from lack of protections against COVID-19.

A complaint was filed by three employees at Amazon’s JFK8 warehouse in New York. The claim says that the company put up a façade to meet public health guidelines while pressuring employees to work under unsafe conditions.

Amazon spokesperson, Rachel Lighty, stated that “from early March to May 1, we offered our employees unlimited time away from work, and since May 1 we have offered leave for those most vulnerable or who need to care for children or family members.”

Barbara Chandler is among the first confirmed cases of coronavirus at JFK8. She began experiencing symptoms and unknowingly infected other members of her household. After falling ill, Chandler’s cousin passed away from COVID-19 complications. It is believed that Chandler’s cousin contracted the illness because of Amazon did not do enough to protect their workforce against COVID-19.

Employees that sought paid leave said it has taken too long to receive the benefit. Additionally, the complaint says employee pay that was given is only a fraction of what Amazon promises under their paid leave policy.

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