Consumers’ Rights Upheld in Organic Labeling Decision

Consumers know that going organic can be expensive, and are usually willing to pay the price to opt for the healthier option. But what happens when you are charged organic prices for conventional products? Recently, a California herb grower intentionally marketed their conventionally-grown herbs as “organic,” tricking consumers and keeping the profits.

Consumers felt deceived by false advertising, but the company, Herb Thyme Farms Inc., sought to block them from receiving the justice they deserved. In a unanimous decision, the California Supreme Court upheld the rights of consumers to sue growers for falsely advertising their conventional produce as “organic.”

The ruling does not only benefit consumers but the organic growing industry in general. Conventional produce is less expensive to grow and if marketed as “organic,” honest organic growers will be driven out of business.

Have you been deceived by a product in the organic aisle? As a consumer, you should always “get what you pay for.” Contact us today if you feel you have been the victim of false advertising.

Source: Public Justice