Hairdresser Dies From Asbestos Exposure From Hairdryers

hair salonA hairdresser, Pauline Kirby, who cleaned hair dryers that contained asbestos in the 1970s died from mesothelioma.

Kirby’s diagnosis came in 2016, decades after her exposure to the carcinogenic material.

Her husband, an electrician, said in her hearing that he didn’t realize that they had been exposed to asbestos while cleaning and repairing the hair dryers.

About 90% of hair dryers manufactured through the late 1970s contained asbestos. Many hairdressers were exposed to the material consistently in the course of their employment.

Her family also stated Covid lockdowns had ill effect on her health as she could not participate in her regular physical activity which contributed to her declining health.

Mrs Kirby had undergone immunotherapy, but suffered an allergic reaction and her health rapidly deteriorated. She was admitted to hospice, where she died five days later.