Infographic: Asbestos Exposure in Your Home

Moving into a new home should be one of the most joyful and exciting times in anyone’s life. Whether you are settling down with your new family or investing in a nest for your future, a home should be the ideal place to put your feet up and breathe in the American dream.

Unfortunately, the American dream can now include asbestos exposure. U.S. homes built before 1980 are likely to have been constructed with asbestos materials. Take a look at where asbestos might be hiding in your home within our newest infographic:

Before the Environmental Protection Agency declared asbestos a hazard to human health, the fibers were worked into cement, paint, paper, and more, and used within the construction of residential homes. Homeowners are advised not to disturb asbestos if it is found in their home, as asbestos fibers are most dangerous when breathed in.

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