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Posts tagged "chemicals in water"

Partner Post: Chemical Spill Reveals Need for Tighter Regulations

Elk River Chemical Spill Exposes Need for More Regulations Written by James P. Nevin  On January 9, 2014, 7,500 gallons of coal-¬≠cleaning chemicals seeped into the Elk River in Charleston, just 1.5 miles upstream from the region's water treatment plant. Freedom Industries, which owned the plant where the chemicals leaked from,...

Partner Post: Fracking Sites Linked to Health Concerns

Study Finds Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals in Water Near Fracking Sites Written by James P. Nevin Recently, the Endocrinology journal performed a study of the water near hydraulic fracturing site in Colorado, finding substances linked to a number of health concerns. In Colorado, water samples from sites where hydraulic fracturing was used...