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Posts tagged "FDA"

Keeping Up with Dangerous Drug Recalls

Prescription and over-the-counter drugs are constantly being recalled. If you have been prescribed a "cocktail" of medications by your doctor, keeping track of which drugs have been found to be dangerous might be a good idea. The best way to keep track of dangerous drug recalls is to sign up...

FDA Enforces Stricter Requirements for Infant Formula Production

Infant Formulas Required to Comply with New FDA Rules Written by James P. Nevin  New Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rules will require companies producing infant formula to strengthen "their quality control procedures and reporting requirements." Although many firms already meet those requirements, the rule "will give the agency more control...

Partner Post: Arsenic Found in Chicken Meat

FDA Condones Use of Arsenic in Chicken Meat Written by James P. Nevin Chicken and pork, the healthier white meat alternatives to a burger, right? Wrong. The FDA research recently released shows arsenic in conventional chicken meat. This is not a new phenomenon, the FDA has been aware of this...

Partner Post: Energy Drink Lawsuit

Red Bull Energy Drink's Wrongful Death Lawsuit Written by James P. Nevin   The beverage giant Red Bull is facing its first wrongful death lawsuit, with the family of the deceased seeking $85 million in damages. Brooklyn father Cory Terry, 33, died during a basketball game after downing the caffeine-laden...