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Posts tagged "asbestos-containing products"

Exposure to Asbestos During House Fires

Even though asbestos products and materials within older homes are not considered dangerous unless they are breaking down or falling apart, an event like a house fire could turn a relatively safe home into a very dangerous one.  Not only are homeowners at risk when a fire starts in their...

Vintage Asbestos Advertisements

Do you remember when asbestos was used in a wide array of consumer goods? Originally thought to be a "miracle mineral," asbestos was taken from its natural state in the earth and repurposed for many different reasons throughout the world, especially in America. If your memory doesn't take you back,...

Fake Snow Made from Asbestos

Remember when we took a closer look at some of the products that asbestos could be found within throughout our history? In the past, asbestos fibers had been worked into 3,000-5,000 consumer products. It seems only fitting that we would find some of this toxic substance within vintage holiday decorations...

5 Products Containing Asbestos

It is hard to look back on the history of asbestos use in America without wondering, "Why?" Why did it take so long for asbestos to be phased out of our military, schools, and products? An even bigger question you might be asking is: "Just where is asbestos still present...