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Posts tagged "products liability"

The Dangers of Talc-Containing Products Contaminated by Asbestos

The Food and Drug Administration plays a crucial role in protecting Americans from harmful medicines and personal products. The agency has pre-market approval authority over most prescription drugs, meaning that it gets to decide if a new drug's potential benefits outweigh its risks and side effects. Unfortunately, the FDA has...

Companies to Publish Corrective Statements on Dangers of Tobacco

For decades, the American public has been misled about the dangers of smoking tobacco products. Prior to January 11, 1964, no surgeon general warning--or warning of any kind--was included on the packs of cigarettes as billions of individuals picked up the habit. Marketing advertisements for tobacco cigarettes claimed to provide...

Yamaha Rhino Rollover Injuries & Deaths

Yamaha's Rhino UTV--Unstable Design or Unsafe for Consumers? September 2, 2009 -- Since its introduction in 2003, Yamaha's Rhino UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicle) was an instant hit amongst the ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) crowd, selling more than 150,000 units. With side by side seating, a small utility bed and the...