New Technology Promises Safer Conditions for Workers

abstract dust on gray backgroundTraditionally, asbestos surveying and detection has been reliant on samples of suspected asbestos-containing materials being sent to laboratories for analysis or consultants collecting samples on-site and performing a manual count of fibers.

Collecting samples to test for asbestos is very risky. However, a recent innovation in technology has enabled workers to test for asbestos fibers in the air without having to be in the room. The Alert PRO 1000 is a portable warning device for airborne asbestos fibers that alerts anyone nearby of asbestos in the air. This allows workers to evacuate the area and instigate safety procedures without delay. Alert’s time-stamped data also offers vital information to help teams identify what events or activities are leading to asbestos fiber releases.

Alert Pro uses patented light scattering technology and a complex algorithmic statistical analysis to identify airborne asbestos fibers.

This technology has the potential to save many workers from prolonged asbestos exposure.

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