Nursing Homes and COVID-19
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Nursing Homes and COVID-19

elder lady with her hands folded

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed at-risk individuals, like the elderly, in situations and conditions that can make them more vulnerable to contracting COVID-19. Some nursing homes are to blame for elderly residents being put at risk of contracting the virus. If your loved one has become ill with COVID-19 or dies, you may have a negligence lawsuit, especially if the facility didn’t take precautions to prevent exposure.

Many care facilities are not following CDC guidelines or taking necessary safety precautions that are considered reasonable measures to prevent infection such as frequent hand washing, avoiding close contact, wearing masks and gloves, and disinfecting surfaces, which all can help prevent transmission of coronavirus.

Historically, nursing homes are infamous for their poor infection control and cleanliness standards. Recently, 75% of nursing homes in the U.S. were cited for not complying with necessary infection control measures. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is vital that the facilities follow every guideline and are prepared to put new regulations in place. If they are not prepared to make such changes, these facilities are breaching the duty of care owed to residents and their loved ones.

If you have a loved one in a nursing home:

  • Stay in touch.
  • Install a Camera. In-room cameras are permitted in California. The nursing home administrator can explain the steps you need to take to install one. It will let you keep a constant eye on the in-room care your loved one is receiving.
  • Review the facility’s infection plan. Every facility is required to have one.
  • Assume COVID-19 is already present. Symptoms from the virus may not show up for two weeks or more from the time of exposure.
  • If you’re allowed to visit, take appropriate precautions by wearing a mask and gloves and practicing social distancing.

Sadly, negligence in nursing homes is nothing new. Residents continue to die when infection could have been easily prevented. If your loved one died from COVID-19 while at a nursing home, contact Hugh Cook at (415) 493-3592 today.