Low T Prescriptions and Therapy
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Low Testosterone Prescriptions and Therapy

Low testosterone (“Low T”) prescriptions and therapies are intended for men who have low or no testosterone levels due to a medical condition. Low testosterone levels can be caused by a genetic condition, physical injury, or even a mumps infection, among other things. An estimated 4 to 5 million men in the United States suffer from “low t” levels, making prescriptions and therapies attractive for those diagnosed with the condition.

Many males in the United States suffer from low testosterone levels that affect different parts of their lives in dramatic ways. Naturally, testosterone decreases within men after the age of thirty. Low testosterone levels can lead to weak bones, cardiovascular problems, as well as low energy and sex drives. As a solution, “low t” treatments have become quite popular among the population, with pharmaceutical advertisements promising increased sex drives and muscle mass, higher energy, and better moods for those that take them.

Low Testosterone Products

There are various products on the market prescribed to treat low testosterone. They are offered in different forms such as gels, patches, injections, and pills. These products are sold under the following names:

  • AndroGel
  • Axiron
  • Androderm
  • Fortesta
  • Striant
  • Testim

Harmful Side Effects
Although they are becoming increasingly popular among men in the United States, “low t” prescriptions have had just as many negative side effects on patients as positive ones. Recently, the FDA investigated studies documenting the increased risk for strokes, heart attacks, and death among men undergoing low testosterone therapies, and published a public safety announcement regarding these dangerous and deadly side effects.

Heart Attack
One observational study reported an increased risk of heart attack for men taking “low t” prescriptions. The study reported a two-fold increase in the risk of heart attacks among men aged 65 years and older in the first 90 days following the first prescription. In some cases, the risk for heart attack among men undergoing low testosterone therapy increased three-fold. The risks also rose for younger men with histories of heart disease.

Another study that influenced the FDA’s safety announcement showed a thirty percent increase for the risk of stroke, heart attack, and death in men prescribed low-testosterone therapies.

Liver Toxicity
Some oral therapies have an adverse effect on the liver functions of men with liver disease, or who take other medications with potential side effects to the liver. This is a rare, but serious side effect.

Your Legal Options
Millions of “low t” prescriptions have been filled since their approval by the FDA. Of these millions of prescriptions, no mention of deadly cardiovascular side effects has advertised to patients by Pfizer, the creator of Lipitor. If you have taken a testosterone drug such as Axiron, Androgel, Fortesta, Testopel, Testim, or Androderm after 2005, and suffered a stroke or heart attack, you are urged to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer immediately. In the case of death, the family of the victim might be entitled to compensation. 

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