Medtronic Pain Pump
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Medtronic Pain Pump

The Medtronic SynchroMed II infusion pump was implanted in more than 238,000 individuals with chronic pain, advanced metastatic cancer, muscle spasms, and those who cannot take oral medications. The device’s purpose is to send pain medication near the spinal cord through a catheter.

Medtronic Pain Pump Recalls

Dozens of recalls were issued after the SynchroMed II was linked to 16 patient deaths and many instances of overdosing and withdrawal. Medtronic claims that it has briefed healthcare professionals on proper usage of the pump-priming mechanism, which could help avoid improper dosing. However, the company has still been advised by federal regulators to stop the production and distribution of their SynchroMed implantable pump devices.

Problems with Medtronic Pain Pump

In addition to medication overdose and withdrawal, there have been reports of the following problems:

  • Accidental drug injection during the medication refill procedure
  • Blockage preventing proper flow of medication
  • Electrical shorting
  • Battery power loss

Your Legal Options

Our personal injury attorneys are currently reviewing cases for those who have had a Medtronic Pain Pump that resulted in injury or even death. Contact us today by calling our offices at 800-598-0314 or fill out our online contact form.