3 Products Made with Asbestos Materials

Different workers have been exposed to asbestos on the job for many reasons. We have explored some of the reasons why pipefitters, railroad employees, and shipbuilders are likely to have been exposed to the substance in the past, but what about the average consumer? While workers handled asbestos on the job, many citizens purchased the products that the substance was worked into.



One of the reasons asbestos was used in so many commercial products is that it was heat resistant, as well as insulating. It was woven and worked into different materials that made household products safer to the touch. Asbestos insulation was often inserted between the heating wires of old toasters to reduce the risk of fire and burns.

Hair Dryers

Asbestos was contained in most handheld hair dryers up until 1980. Hot, asbestos-contaminated air penetrated the victim and allowed asbestos fibers within their breathing zone.

Baby Powder

Can you believe these household products all contained asbestos at one point in time? If you are not careful, different items in antique and thrift stores can still contain asbestos, a deadly substance that causes diseases like mesothelioma and asbestosis.