Mesothelioma Treatment Options Courtesy of a Household Spice

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While the quest continues towards a still elusive cure for mesothelioma, identifying effective treatments to minimize the effects of the deadly disease continues. Recent data from seven studies revealed promising results.

In a published review, The International Journal of Molecular Sciences found that curcumin, commonly found in turmeric, has led to positive results as part of multidisciplinary treatments of malignant mesothelioma.

Promising Results For Mesothelioma Victims

The well-known household spice has also been used for decades as an anti-inflammatory, complementary medicine for a variety of illnesses. The multicenter study focused solely on its effects on mesothelioma. Tests revealed:

  • Reduced risk of developing tumors
  • Decreased tumor mass
  • Inhibited forming of new blood vessels in tumor tissue
  • Reduced tumor-cell migration and invasive ability

The findings represent a positive step in a longtime quest to make treatments more effective. Combining curcumin with specific chemotherapies appears to be more effective than either substance on their own.

Hurdles still exist. The study was conducted in a laboratory with mice. Securing the same results in a clinic has presented challenges in the past with any type of mesothelioma treatment research.

Most of the success with curcumin has come in the laboratory and not the clinic. Duplicating laboratory effectiveness in humans has been difficult. However, for those suffering from one of the deadliest forms of cancer, medical experts see this as positive data that represents a step in the right direction.