Our Access to Justice is at Stake

Here at Brayton Purcell, we are committed to justice. Whether you are the victim of asbestos exposure, elder abuse, medical malpractice, or more, we believe that legal procedures and systems can work wonders for those seeking justice against wrongdoers. Unfortunately, there have recently been some proposed changes to our Federal Rules of Practice and Procedure that might affect everyone’s access to justice.

court room chair and seal with desk

Many lawyers and groups submitted comments and testified in opposition to the proposed changes, and they have since been revised. The revisions are better, but still limit the access to justice for all.

In this article, author Arthur Bryant explains why it is so important to stay informed about the pending changes to our trial system: “Access to justice is at stake. Procedure can determine results. “Process” can control “substance.” The active involvement of so many dedicated advocates helped block and improve many dangerous proposals this time. But don’t be surprised if they return. And keep in mind that the rules can be changed for the better, too, if people get involved..

The entire Preliminary Draft of Proposed Amendments to Federal Rules of Bankruptcy and Civil Procedure can be viewed here, but keep up with our blog if you want to find out more as changes are made.

Founding partner, Al Brayton, is an Executive Committee Member of the Public Justice Foundation, a public interest law firm dedicated to protecting people and the environment, holding the powerful accountable, increasing access to justice, and more. Find out more about the Public Justice Foundation, here.