Ohio Residents Informed of Asbestos Six Years Too Late

A building that was demolished in 2010 is causing all sorts of problems for Galion, OH residents. It was not until recently – six years later – that those in the neighborhood noticed asbestos hazard signs taped to orange cones near the building’s debris. Although the debris tested positive for asbestos contamination in February of 2010, the Environmental Protection Agency did not inform city officials or residents.

demolished building

Neighbors in the area share health concerns and have witnessed children playing near the pile.

Recycling Creations, a Marion, OH-based company purchased the former Eagle Crusher plant in 2009. The owner has claimed that his company is taking the proper steps to clear the property of any and all debris. According to the Mansfield News Journal, he told the EPA that he “plans to treat all the remaining material as contaminated.”

City officials, including the Mayor, City Building Inspector, and the Health Department also learned of the contamination after the hazard signs were posted, six years later. Unfortunately, the city does not have the authority to enforce Recycling Creations to take care of any remaining contamination, sooner than later. They are able to cite the property owner for the property’s condition. In addition to leaving debris on the property for six years, Recycling Creations owes the county $7,773 in delinquent taxes.

Have you seen debris around your neighborhood and become worried about asbestos contamination? Don’t hesitate to reach out to your local EPA office to see if any testing has been done.

Source: Mansfield News Journal