Mitigating the financial impact of mesothelioma treatments

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A diagnosis of mesothelioma is a life-changing moment. It represents a new chapter filled with challenges involving both their health and the financial costs when it comes to securing the best treatment.

Those suffering from mesothelioma require a higher level of care, preferably at large academic cancer centers where they can receive treatment from a qualified team. However, these facilities do not exist in every city and state, oftentimes requiring significant travel for victims and their loved ones.

Many of those suffering from the serious disease either spend themselves into significant financial challenges over time. Others settle for local options for medical care if they are even available.

Financial help for mesothelioma patients and loved ones

Mesothelioma Transportation Assistance Program recently announced a grant initiative to provide much-needed financial support for those who must travel great distances to get the care they need. Frequently, the care they need requires stays for treatments measured in days, if not weeks.

Patients undergo required phone interviews and fill out a financial application to determine their eligibility. Financed by CancerCare, a leading national organization, grant money covers flights to treatment facilities and lodging. Recipients are not obligated to pay the money back.

Mesothelioma remains a disease without a cure. For victims and their family members, any level of help that makes their lives easier goes a long way in the fight they are enduring.