Brayton Purcell LLP Partner Featured in Plaintiff Magazine

It is no secret that the attorneys here at Brayton Purcell LLP are passionate about the work that they do. Our trial partner, James Nevin, is no exception. Recently, his history and dedication for fighting for the rights of asbestos victims was featured in Plaintiff Magazine.

Mr. Nevin has been with Brayton Purcell LLP since March of 2002, and has been busy with trials since 2005. His long list of trials and verdicts on our website highlights some of his most accomplished work for the victims of asbestos exposure. His first case was a $1.25 million verdict – the largest mild asbestosis verdict in California.

He is passionate about fighting against manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, and site owners who knowingly endanger workers and consumers. Nevin says in the article, “the company’s mandate is to make a profit, so we need lawyers and advocates always fighting to protect our workers and our children.”

Find out more about James Nevin on his attorney profile. If you want a tireless advocate on your side, do not hesitate to schedule a free consultation with one of our dedicated attorneys, today.