Brayton Purcell Supports Marin Advocates for Children

We support many different types of non-profit organizations here at Brayton Purcell. You might remember back in April when we sponsored and volunteered at three very different events– from abandoned animals to the developmentally disabled, to foster youth, Brayton Purcell is here to fight for the rights and show our support for the Marin County community and beyond.

One organization that we are particularly proud to work alongside is Marin Advocates for Children. “Marin Advocates for Children’s mission is two-fold: preventing abuse and advocating for the best interests of children. With our two programs, MAC not only advocates for the best interests of abused and neglected children, but also works to prevent child abuse through community education and provides a ‘safety net’ for children and families by reducing the isolation that is so often the cause of abuse and neglect.”

At the 2014 Annual Benefit and Auction, of which Brayton Purcell was a corporate sponsor, former foster child and BP employee Kristie Morris spoke of her experience with the Marin Advocates for Children Organization’s CASA program. You can view a video of Kristie’s speech here.

Kristie is currently a Work History Investigator in our Investigations department, and Brayton Purcell stands by her as she urges the public to understand how important organizations like MAC and programs like CASA are to the success of foster youth. Eventually Kristie wants to use her law degree to help dependency youth.

To learn more about Marin Advocates for Children and their programs, see their website.