Dodgers Found Negligent in Bryan Stow Lawsuit

In 2011, two Los Angeles Dodgers fans attacked Bryan Stow on Opening Day at the Dodgers Stadium. Stow, who was a San Francisco Giants fan, was beaten until he was unconscious and left with severe injuries, including brain damage, that have left him disabled for life.

This year, Stow’s family filed a lawsuit against the LA Dodgers team and its former owner, Frank McCourt, claiming that both failed to provide proper security and parking lot lighting that evening, where the incident took place.

On June 26, a jury found the Dodgers 25% responsible for the harm caused to Stow. McCourt was cleared of any responsibility in the case, despite accusations of lavish spending in his personal life.

Defense lawyers for the Dodgers claimed that the two men who attacked Stow, as well as Stow himself, should be held negligent for the beating, not the team or McCourt. The two men that attacked Stow will be held responsible for 37.5% of the attack each, while the jury unanimously cleared Stow of any negligence in the incident.

The Dodgers will pay $18 million to Stow, who will require around-the-clock medical assistance for the rest of his life.