Celebrating Our Animal Friends

Did you know that we are particularly fond of animals here at  Brayton Purcell LLP? It may or may not have something to do with Mr. Purcell adopting over ten beautiful cats from the Marin Humane Society! After catching wind of an article within Oklahoma Living magazine, we know where he got his love of animals from.

lady with a cow

Susie Purcell, Mr. Purcell’s mother, runs Pets Without Parents in Blanchard, OK, where she houses 81 cats, 52 dogs, 3 cows, and 2 horses. She has been caring for and healing animals for 16 years. She also runs the DreamCatcher Spay and Neuter Clinic, which fixes, medicates, and operates on animals for reduced prices.

Speaking of “animal friends,” if you are on the West Coast and want in on some feline fun, do not miss Catapalooza at the Marin Humane Society on Sunday, May 22. Admission is FREE. Catapalooza will feature cat-centric activities, kitten corner, a Purr-veyors market; kids zone, music, food and beer garden. We are a proud sponsor of this annual event.