Garlock Accused of Fraud after Controversial Trial

You might recall one of our May blog posts touching on the controversial Garlock Sealing Technologies bankruptcy case that took place earlier this year. Many worry that the results of that controversial trial might make it more difficult for victims of asbestos exposure to gain compensation in the future, but victims are not ready to stop fighting for their rights just yet.

In January 2014, a shocking verdict was given in favor of Garlock Sealing Technologies, a manufacturer of asbestos gaskets and sealing products. In the verdict, Judge George Hodges ruled that plaintiffs and their attorneys had been withholding information and evidence from the court. Judge Hodges also significantly lowered the amount of money Garlock was to put aside in a trust to compensate future victims — from $1 billion to $125 million.

Recently, though, the Official Committee of Asbestos Personal Injury Claimants has come forward stating that Garlock withheld information as well as “committed fraud upon the court.” The committee claims that Garlock manipulated and failed to produce evidence to Judge Hodges’ courtroom.

Along with the committee, other companies are eager for more information regarding Garlock’s evidence and Hodges’ ruling. Keep up with our blog to find out more as the situation unfolds.

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