Keeping Workers Safe from Asbestos Exposure

Are you an employer wondering how to keep your workers safe from asbestos exposure on the job? Many of today’s mesothelioma patients are retired blue collar workers. They experienced prolonged exposure in the workplace.

man in construction

Although asbestos use has been nearly discontinued, it is not banned in the United States, and still threatens the lives of construction workers, plumbers, and even teachers. There are many trades at high-risk for asbestos exposure on the job, so keeping them safe should be a top priority of employers

Here are a few ways to keep them safe:

Signs and Posters

Posting signs or posters in areas where asbestos is present is a good way to keep workers aware of their surroundings. Accidentally disturbing asbestos-containing materials can release tiny fibers into the air that can be breathed in by workers. This is how asbestos-related diseases begin.

Proper Training

Training your workers to properly respond to the presence of asbestos will ensure that they are safe from exposure. Many workers are instructed to improperly handle and dispose of the substance, which puts employers at risk for lawsuits against them.

Protective Gear

If your workers will be handling asbestos-containing materials, providing the proper protective clothing and gear is absolutely essential to their safety.

These and other strategies will help ensure your workers are not exposed to asbestos on the job, which can lead to fatal cancers and conditions years or decades down the road.