Mesothelioma Bill Falls Short

In the U.K., mesothelioma patient advocacy groups are displeased with the proposed mesothelioma bill, aiming to help patients receive compensation for their illness.

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The bill proposes to give mesothelioma patients eligibility for compensation and an opportunity to hold companies responsible through a paid fund. Insurance companies are required to pay into the fund. However, the bill puts a cap on the amount of compensation a patient receives, even though the cap is higher than the previous government-funded program provided.

In addition, the bill limits eligibility for compensation to patients diagnosed after July 2012, which advocacy groups say excludes hundreds of victims.

For patients who will receive compensation under the new UK law, they will receive about 30 percent less than the average asbestos payout. Others are working to amend the bill to include patients since 2010 and to ensure a higher level of compensation for every patient.

Mesothelioma is the most deadly asbestos-related disease. In the UK, and other places in the world, most victims were exposed occupationally or by secondary exposure. It is an estimated 2,400 deaths annually in the UK and OSHA is estimating another 56,000 deaths over the next 30 years, as asbestos deteriorates in older buildings.

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