Mesothelioma Treatment Options: Keytruda

Keytruda, a drug currently approved by the FDA to treat relapsed, non-small cell lung cancer as well as melanoma, is described to be one of the “best new hopes” for mesothelioma patients in 2016. The drug, designed to block the cell surface protein, PD-1, has shown tremendous promise in clinical trials.

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A Canadian trial revealed 75 percent of patients responding to Keytruda treatment. Tumors temporarily stopped growing in about half of the participating patients, while tumor shrinkage was seen in about a quarter of the participants.

Keytruda has not been approved to specifically treat mesothelioma, making the drug expensive for those who need access to it. Many individuals want to see Keytruda fast-tracked on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS), which will accelerate approval by the FDA for mesothelioma treatment.

Are you a mesothelioma patient waiting for a treatment that works? Keytruda might be the answer.

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