Product Recall: Winco Recalls Fireworks before July 4th Holiday

What dangers come to mind when you think of Independence Day, one of our country’s most celebrated holiday? Fireworks might be just one.

Illegal in several counties and states, fireworks are usually left to be handled by the fire department. Elaborate displays are put on safely in open fields, where hundreds of families gather to watch. Unfortunately, there are some who break the law by purchasing and setting off illegal fireworks, and ultimately hurting or killing someone.

Right as 2014’s Independence Day approaches, Winco Fireworks International has recalled about 4,500 kits of “Contraband 24” canister shell fireworks. The kits come in packs of 24 shells with fuses attached, as well as four fiberglass firing tubes with wooden bases. “The shells can blow up in the tube during firing, posing impact and burn hazards to the user and bystanders.”

There has been one report of a shell blowing up in a tube and causing burns and cuts on the user’s legs. Consumers are urged to immediately stop using the product and return them for a full refund.

Find out more about the product recall, here.