Woman’s Asbestos Exposure Caused by Husband’s Work Clothing

Many individuals who are diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease wonder just where their asbestos exposure took place. Some are surprised to learn that a loved one carried the fibers home with them on their clothing, to be breathed in while embracing in a hug or doing the laundry.

This is what happened to Paula Briggs. Mrs. Briggs’ husband was a factory worker who routinely returned home from work with asbestos dust on his clothing and shoes.

He would remove his boots in the porch and shake off the worst of the dust before putting them in the pantry…He would greet the deceased with a hug and a kiss. He would then go about his activities in the house…Later on he would remove his dusty clothing and place it in the laundry basket.” Mrs. Briggs would shake out these pieces of clothing out before putting them in the washing machine, releasing the microscopic fibers into the air.

Mr. and Mrs. Briggs’ daughter, Lisa Wharton, believes it is this repeated contact with asbestos that is responsible for her mother’s mesothelioma diagnosis and eventual death.

This sort of secondary asbestos exposure was not uncommon for families of workers across the nation. There are several blue-collar trades in which workers came into contact with asbestos fibers, which could be transported home to their families. An experienced asbestos or mesothelioma attorney can help determine if you or your family members are entitled to compensation for asbestos exposure in the workplace.

Source: The Telegraph (UK)