E-Cigarette Liquid Poisons Young Children

As American adults begin switching to e-cigarettes as a safer alternative to smoking tobacco, many parents do not realize how dangerous the products can be around their children.

e-cigarette liquid

The nicotine included in e-cigarette liquid is toxic when digested or absorbed through the skin. It is so toxic to humans that manufacturers require employees who handle the substance to wear protective gear.

E-cigarettes deliver nicotine, flavors, and other chemicals to users by turning it “into an aerosol that is inhaled by the user.” The liquids can have nicotine concentrations of zero to 36 mg/ml, amounts not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Since their introduction to popular culture, cases of poisonings have been on the rise. So far this year, 203 cases have been reported by the California Poison Control alone.

Sixty percent of the victims have been children under six years old. This is not surprising, given the fact that many of the products have flavors and scents added to them. The poisonous liquid smells attractive to young children, enticing them to consume the substance. This can be fatal.

Members of Congress have introduced new bills to try and curb incidents, but until the FDA begins regulating this new industry, it is likely that the poisoning cases will continue to rise. Contact our offices today if your child has been affected by e-cigarette nicotine poisoning.