GM Agrees to $35 Million Fine for Safety Violations

You might recall the recent scrutiny that General Motors (GM) underwent after selling millions of defective vehicles to consumers all over the country. This Unites States-based company was recently fined $35 million for failing to properly report safety problems within their inventory.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced in May that General Motors agreed to pay the multimillion-dollar fine – the maximum penalty for violating federal safety laws. GM has also been ordered to make significant changes to its review of safety-related issues and defects. After discovering different safety defects within several models of vehicles, GM failed to alert the NHTSA within five days and issue a recall, which is required by federal law.


There were several defects that prompted the NHTSA’s concern with GM vehicle models. The non-deployment of airbags within the Chevy Cobalt models was the most cited by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, but defective engine switches within certain other models have also become a problem. These safety defects have affected many drivers, leaving thirteen dead in the United States.

General Motors concealed necessary information from the public regarding the safety of the vehicles they made available for purchase. If you have suffered adverse events in your own GM vehicle, you are not alone. Many individuals are filing claims with experienced personal injury lawyers as the total number of fatalities linked to the defects increase.