Product Recall: Nest Labs Recalls Defective Smoke + CO Alarms

While consumers love new advances in technology, some products are better left in manual mode. Smoke and carbon dioxide alarms have protected individuals and families for years now, but new technologies can make them less efficient than their modern predecessors.

Nest Labs developed the Nest Protect: Smoke + CO Alarm with the intention of giving users control over their alarms through computers and smartphones over wireless networks. It seemed like a great idea, until the alarms did not sound immediately in the presence of smoke or carbon dioxide. Different features within the technology can cause serious problems within the device.

Recently, about 440,000 Nest Protect Smoke + CO alarms have been recalled by Nest Labs due to a defect in the product. According to the manufacturer, activity near the product during a fire can prevent the alarm from immediately sounding when the Nest Wave feature is enabled.

Find out more about the recall here, as well as how to remedy your Nest Protect: Smoke + CO Alarm defect.

Keeping up with the latest home technology can seem futuristic and fun, but is useless when it risks you and your family’s safety.