The Dangers of Dual Mesothelioma Diagnoses

A majority of mesothelioma diagnoses take two forms. Pleural mesothelioma occurs between the chest and lungs. Peritoneal mesothelioma affects the exterior abdominal cavity.

Both are deadly, with the cause being exposure to asbestos, specifically inhaling the fibers. Continuing research has resulted in medical advances that prolong the lives of victims of both types of this tragic illness.

Extremely Rare, Yet Equally Deadly

While these most common categories exist, documented cases reveal that some victims suffer from both pleural and peritoneal mesothelioma. Approximately 3,000 people per year are diagnosed with what is considered a rare ailment. The odds of having two types simultaneously is even more unlikely.

Fifty patients were part of a recent study to determine the effects of patients suffering from dual mesothelioma. A little more than half were suffering from one form of the disease, with the second diagnosis coming about one year later.

While the range is based on the severity of the disease and options for medical care, the most common life expectancy for pleural mesothelioma victims ranges from one year to nearly two years. Peritoneal has a longer survival rate with some victims living five years.

For the 50 participating in the study, their average survival rate was close to 34 months. Both types can receive aggressive treatment with a variety of options, including radiation, chemotherapy, and surgical procedures.

A cure remains evasive. However, victims of this sinister illness have choices that provide them a precious asset: time.