The Real Asbestos Fraud

The great disingenuous that accompanies much of the asbestos industries attempt to defend the indefensible arises from the fact that because individual asbestos fibers are so small, less than 0.02 microns in diameter, and are a mineral fiber and not technically “manufactured,” they didn’t come with serial numbers or other identifying characteristics.

This makes it difficult for victims of asbestosis or mesothelioma “prove” that the particular fibers that lodged in their body and triggered the development of the cancer in the pleural lining of their lungs, belong to one company. The companies then play the game of blaming the victim for not knowing where the source of their disease.

They accuse victims who are dying of a horrible, suffocating cancer of fraud, as if they cleverly schemed 40 years earlier to take great breaths of asbestos fiber laden air, to ensure that years later they would be able to put in a claim as they were dying for some compensation.

So clever of them, to exchange their excruciating death for a few dollars from an insurance fund. If it were not such a horrible death, the attempt to elicit sympathy for the poor companies would almost be laughable. The companies, who exploited their workers knowingly, exposing them to asbestos, refusing to warn the workers for decades because that might expose the company to liability.

But they were mistaken, it would not expose the companies to liability; they did that themselves when they exposed their workers to asbestos. No, they refused to inform their workers because that would expose them to responsibility for their own actions. Something they continue to fight to this day.

The only real scandal within the asbestos industry is the callous disregard of the lives of their workers and of the millions today who are unknowingly at risk for exposure to asbestos in innumerable locations worldwide.