UCLA Pays Whistleblower $10 Million in Retaliation Case

Many individuals who witness their employer break the law or take part in misconduct in other ways are afraid to step forward and speak out against any wrong-doing. The main fears are losing one’s job or being retaliated against in another manner for their actions. Despite these fears, there are some whistleblowers who are coming forward to report wrong-doing and hold those who do not follow the law accountable for their actions.

Speaking up can have its benefits, too. Recently, the University of California regents agreed to settle with the former chairman of UCLA’s orthopedic surgery department $10 million after his actions as a whistleblower. Dr. Robert Pedowitz, claimed that the medical school “failed to act on his complaints about widespread conflicts of interest among the medical school faculty and that they later retaliated against him for raising those concerns as a whistleblower,” according to the LA Times.

UCLA continues to deny Pedowitz’s allegations, but came to the $10 million settlement to avoid further litigation.

It can be a scary thing when medical professionals risk patients’ lives for profit. In the case of UCLA’s medical school, Pedowitz expressed concern over colleagues who were financially tied to medical products and drugs. How would you feel if your doctor prescribed you a certain drug to make themselves money, no matter the side effects and consequences on your health?

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