Whistleblowers Protected from Retaliating Employers

by Brayton Purcell LLP Mar 26, 2014 Whistleblowing

Many people believe that America is the land of the free – a place where someone can buy their own land, build their own home, and even start their own business. Citizens are encouraged to partake in free enterprises, but some take advantage of the systems put in place by the government to help them succeed.

While most businesses are run in line with the law, there are some that make their profits in ways unknown or disapproved of by the government. When both small businesses and large corporations cheat the government, no one wins. It is often the case that fraud goes unnoticed by the government until an employee has decided to put their job on the line and speak up about the misconduct. When this happens, the employee comes to be known as a “whistleblower.”
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In recent years whistleblowers have come forward to report misconduct and fraud within their places of employment, as more incentives have been put in place by federal regulators to do so. These employees have also been increasingly protected from employers who choose to retaliate against their speaking out.

After a whistleblower has come forward, a Qui Tam case will ensue to hold the business or corporation accountable for their misconduct. In fraud cases, funds that have been stolen from the government will be recovered. Other Qui Tam cases include health and safety violations, corruption, and threats to public interest.

If you have witnessed misconduct in any of these forms by your employer, federal regulators encourage you to come forward, as well as speak with an experienced Qui Tam lawyer to file your claim. A firm or attorney experienced in whistleblowing lawsuits will help ensure that you are fully protected in your pursuit of public justice.

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