Tobacco Company Puts Sales over Safety

by | Jul 25, 2014 | Tobacco |

Gil Purcell, our senior trial lawyer, has fought for the rights of asbestos victims for over almost thirty years. His dedication to public justice has allowed him to represent many individuals across the nation in different courtrooms. And while Mr. Purcell is regarded as a premier asbestos lawyer across the nation, not all of these individuals have been asbestos victims.

GIl Purcell Attorney

Today, Mr. Purcell is fighting for the rights of the widow in Los Angeles of a retired Navy officer who lost his life to lung cancer. Tajie Major’s husband, Capt. William “Earl” Major, died at 55 years old after smoking Lorillard Tobacco Company’s Kent brand cigarettes for decades.

In the courtroom, Mr. Purcell has cited “internal Lorillard documents from as far back as the mid-1970s show[ing] the company’s researchers knew about the dangers of cigarette smoking and were also aware of the addictive powers of nicotine.” Despite the dangers, Lorillard and other cigarette companies did not advise consumers against purchasing their deadly products.

cigarette butts in a pile

Mrs. Major has suffered the loss of her husband for sixteen years, now. “It doesn’t hurt like a knife anymore,” she said, “but it’s still there.” Read more about her testimony, here.

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