3 Retired Workers at Risk for Mesothelioma

If you are a retired blue collar worker, you might be thinking that workplace asbestos exposure is no longer a concern. Despite not working around the substance day after day anymore, past exposure can still cause you problems today or in the future.

man in skyscraper construction

Have you held one of these three positions in your lifetime? If so, you might be at risk for mesothelioma due to exposure to asbestos on the job.

Shipyard Workers and Veterans

Asbestos was commonly used around boilers, turbines, engines, valves, other equipment, and steam pipes within US Navy ships. Shipyard workers and Navy servicemen were all at risk for exposure to dangerous asbestos fibers both on and off these vessels.

Construction Workers

Asbestos products were used extensively in both home and commercial construction. Fireproofing, insulation, joint compounds, plaster, and patching compounds are just a few of the commonly used products that contained asbestos.

Plumbers and Pipefitters

These workers are at risk-exposed through asbestos-laden cement pipes, gaskets, and packing, and deteriorating asbestos insulation and pipe covering. There is a wide range of products that pipefitters and steamfitters work with that contain asbestos.

After exposure takes place, it can take just a few years or several decades before a worker is diagnosed with mesothelioma. This long latency period means that mesothelioma can develop in an individual without any symptoms. By the time there is a cause for concern, mesothelioma tumors might be out of control and untreatable.

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