E-Cigarette Explosions Injure Users

While they are marketed as a “safer” alternative to smoking, e-cigarettes are proving to be more dangerous than users initially thought. Aside from nicotine addiction, users now face the devices’ batteries exploding during use.

coffee and a vape pen

One such explosion happened to a California man this past October. The incident left him with a burned mouth and hand, an amputated finger, and the need for surgery on his tongue. Another victim has suffered a broken neck after e-cigarettes exploded in his hand during use.

The explosions stem from the lithium-ion batteries used in the devices. The batteries include flammable liquid electrolytes that can explode when exposed to too much heat.

The “e-cig” industry is booming, but it is very much unregulated. The manufacturers and sellers of these products have not created a safe product for consumer use, yet they are being sold to millions of users across the country. Many users who have experienced explosions are suing the manufacturers of the e-cigarettes that harmed them.

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