Largest Talcum Powder Verdict in History Could Set New Precedent

talcum powder in a hand

A recent verdict from a California jury awarded $417 million to a woman diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Since the 1980s, different studies have linked the use of talcum powder around the female genital area with ovarian cancer. In fact, women who use talcum powder have a 20-30% increased risk of developing ovarian cancer. The application of talc-containing feminine hygiene products can result in talc particles traveling through the vagina, into the uterus, and to the ovaries. These particles can take years to dissolve and can cause inflammation, which can eventually lead to fatal conditions and cancer.

Johnson & Johnson Failed to Warn Consumers

Instead of protecting consumers from potential injury and illness, manufacturers like Johnson & Johnson continue to argue the safety of their talc products. They do not believe there is any reason to add a warning label, and the company plans to appeal this recent verdict to maintain this false belief. Despite the company’s reasoning, victims are still coming forward. There are currently more than 5,500 alleged ovarian cancer claims pending against Johnson & Johnson.

Justice for Talc Product Victims

This recent verdict will hopefully result in Johnson & Johnson and other companies placing warning labels on their products. The manufacturers of talc products need to be held accountable for their negligence and their failure to warn consumers of the associated dangers. If you or a loved one has developed ovarian cancer or mesothelioma due to the use of a talcum powder product, do not hesitate to schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys today.