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Asbestos, Auto Injury, and Elder Abuse Cases

Below are summaries of our trials from 2001. To access more verdicts, choose a different year:

San Francisco Jury Awards Over $2.3 Million to Ex–Johns Manville Plant Worker

A San Francisco jury awarded a former Johns Manville plant worker and his wife, $2.3 Million in damages. The Plaintiff suffers from asbestosis and asbestos–pleural disease, caused from his occupational exposures to asbestos.

Jury Awards $16.4 Million in Auto Injury Case

A Salt Lake City jury awarded $16.4 million to an 11 1/2 year old boy who suffered a traumatic brain injury that he received in a head–on automobile crash.

Anthony Gallegos et al. v. Dick Simon Trucking, Inc., 2001, Utah District Court, Salt Lake City, UT

San Francisco Jury Awards Worker Families Over $2 Million

A San Francisco jury awarded over $2 million to the families of two deceased workers who died from asbestos–related lung cancer due to their occupational exposures.

Los Angeles Jury Awards Over $4,400,000 to Dying Steamfitter

A steamfitter diagnosed with mesothelioma received over $4.4 million in damages. The defendant, John Crane, Inc., manufactured asbestos pump and valve packing and gaskets that the steamfitter used at a power plant during the 1950’s and 1960’s.

James and Rose Efstratios v. John Crane, Inc., 2001, Case No. BC226519, Los Angeles Superior Court

Jury Awards $1.5 Million in Elder Abuse Case Against Physician

In the first successful elder abuse case of its kind, a jury awarded $1.5 million to the family of a deceased man whose doctor had failed to provide him with adequate pain medication in the last days of his terminal cancer.

Beverly Bergman et al. v. Wing Chin, M.D., Eden Medical Center, 2001, Case No. H205732–1, Alameda Superior Court, CA

Jury Awards Over $1.5 Million in Asbestos Case

A millwright who was exposed to asbestos–containing insulation at his job site contracted non–Hodgkins lymphoma and colon cancer. A Seattle jury returned a verdict of over $1.5 million against a leading pipe and boiler insulation contractor.

Ray Sundberg v. ACandS, Inc. et al., 2001, Case No. 21756–0, King County Superior Court, OR

Jury awards over $8 million in asbestos case

A jury returned a verdict of $8 million in favor of an insulator who contracted mesothelioma from work around boilers at a refinery.

Alan Vasen v. Exxon Mobil Corporation, 2001, Case No. 312211, San Francisco Superior Court

Jury Awards $318,000 in Four Asbestos Cases

A San Francisco jury awarded $318,000 to three retired workers and one active worker suffering from asbestosis and asbestos–related pleural disease due to their occupational exposures to asbestos.

Selected Verdicts: 2001

Mark Compton, et ux. v. Asbestos Defendants

Civil Jury Trial

Superior Court: San Francisco County, California

Judge: Hon. Robert Dondero

Trial Type: Products Liability-Negligence

Case Settled After Opening Statement: Excess of $2,000,000

November 2001

Anthony Gallegos, et al. v. Dick Simon Trucking, Inc.

Civil Jury Trial

District Court: Salt Lake City, Utah

Judge: Hon. Lee A. Dever

Trial Type: Highway Truck Crash

Verdict: $16,400,000

September-November 2001

Group 193

Civil Jury Trial

Superior Court: San Francisco County, California

Judge: Hon. Alfred Chiantelli

Trial Type: Shipyard-Products Liability

Verdict: $701,001

August 2001

Robert Alexander v. Union Pacific Railroad/Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Co.

Civil Jury Trial

Superior Court: San Francisco County, California

Judge: Hon. Robert Dondero

Trial Type: FELA-Products Liability

Case Settled After Jury Selection: Excess of $750,000

June-July 2001

Ray Sundberg v. ACandS, Inc., et al. 

Civil Jury Trial

Superior Court: King County, Washington

Judge: Hon. Linda Lau

Trial Type: Products Liability-Negligence-Living Lymphoma

Verdict: $1,511,900

March-April 2001

Fred Robertson v. Westside Building Material Co., et al.

Civil Jury Trial

Superior Court: San Francisco County, California

Judge: Hon. Carlos Bea

Trial Type: Lung and Tongue Cancer

Case Settled After Plaintiff Verdict on Statute of Limitations Defense: Excess of $800,000

January-February 2001